Becon - Algorithmic Economist

Your economic weather report.

Becon revolutionizes the way that macroeconomic analysis is provided.
From investors to bankers to bureaucrats, becon de-mystifies and democratizes economics by providing algorithmic analysis of the current economic environment.

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Why Becon?

As a society, we have seen economic crises topple governments, and economic booms transform societies. As individuals, we have misjudged investment opportunities, been flummoxed in conversations, and perhaps have even lost jobs or homes to the invisible hand's unpredictable vacillations.

Volatile Economy

Economics can be overwhelming and difficult. To understand economics is to keep track of and analyze many metrics, their interactions, and their ultimate impact on the values one cares about. For that reason, even people who need to know about economics have a very hard time doing so. A person can either hire an economist (an expensive proposition), or restrict themselves to less-than-sophisticated analyses (a risky undertaking).

Lack of Time

Back to the 'economic weather report' analogy: While becon does not try to predict the future, even knowing about the present climate can tell you whether you may expect sunshine, or if you should bring an umbrella.

Politicized Data

Your dashboard highlights and explains today's relevant economic data using diagrams, text, and interactive AI software. The dashboard is customizable to your specific needs and presents the current economic state in way that empowers you to communicate it confidently to your customers. You can find everything you need in one convenient location.